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Katrina Ballads rides again..

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 at 11:26 am

I have the good fortune to be involved in a wonderful project by your friend and mine, Ted Hearne next week. After a couple years in the oven, Katrina Ballads will return to the performance stage next week, with shows at Le Poisson Rouge on August 24, and the Hobby Center in Houston, TX on August 28.

Although we recorded the piece in 2008, it’s just now seeing it’s hard copy release on New Amsterdam Records, coinciding with the 5th anniversary of the storm’s landfall on the Gulf Coast. The piece has gathered some amazing steam and personnel in the last few years. Films by Bill Morrison, production by Beth Morrison (no relation), and a new addition to the roster of voices, none other than the astounding Rene Marie. (I am particularly excited about being in the same room as Rene. She gives me the shivers in the best of ways.)

I could gush for hours about Katrina Ballads and Ted Hearne, but suffice it to say that this is one of the projects I’ve been most proud of in my life thus far. It’s a rich piece of art that will always be incredibly relevant to our society, and reflects on a hard time in a really compelling way. There’s a lot of soul and individuality that shines in this piece, as Ted is the glue among some perhaps disparate, but no less amazing, performers.

Come have a listen.
A little Rene Marie to send you on your way. (not the best video quality, but the audio is fair, and the performance is beyond words)

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